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InTouch Q1 2010
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Q1 2010
In This Issue
New Site; New Content
American-made Quality
KMC BACnet a "Top Products" Award Wnner
New BACnet Information Resource
FlexStat Expands Flexibility
Need Your LEED Credentials?
Roman Numeral Efficiency
Featured Partner--Encon Mechanical
An Economic Recovery Plan
Climate Change (cartoon)
New Site; New Content

KMC web site
Our shingle in cyberspace has been redesigned to reflect our updated branding strategy. Visiting the site is an easy way to learn how our solutions can lower facility operating costs, increase building energy efficiency, improve indoor environmental quality, and establish greater levels of occupant comfort and productivity.

If you're a past visitor to the site, be aware that there's new content as well.  Just mouse over the primary "in touch" image to reveal video and multimedia content and other useful information.

Want to go now?  Get in touch.  (And we hope you'll stay "in touch")
American-made Quality

still made in the U.S.A.

Even if the "Made in the U.S.A" message doesn't appeal to you from a patriotic persepctive, you still might find our new video interesting.  It provides an inside peek at our operations while describing our quality processes.  And, did you know that projects using the the ARRA stimulus funds have a "Buy American" provision. 

If you have 4 minutes and 45 seconds to spare, take a look at our new video: Watch now 
KMC BACnet a "Top Products" Award Winner 

Building Operating Management (BOM) magazine has recently recognized KMC with a 2010 Top Products award. The award references the patent-pending process that KMC developed to enable Automatic MAC addressing in our BACnet controllers. The January edition of the publication features these products, among others.

The BOM audience responded to product news by requesting further information online through the BOM website, Specifically, the KMC BACnet controllers ranked in the top 10% of the over 800 products featured on the web site between Sept. 30, 2008 and Oct. 1, 2009.

The automatic MAC addressing process incorporated into these controllers eliminates the need for a technician to address individual controllers in the field or for pre-addressed controllers to be installed at specific location-a savings of labor for both documentation and installation. 
New BACnet Information Resource 
BI Journal 
BACnet International (BI) has launched a new journal, Cornerstones. This quarterly publication is destined to become the definitive resource for BACnet news, product information, case studies, and more.

Ben Dorsey, KMC's VP of Marketing, chairs the BI subcommittee responsible for this publication. "While our first issue," he says, "does not yet achieve my vision, it is a great first step. Future issues will continue to raise the bar."

is intended for facility professionals, engineers, contractors, and all those interested in BACnet. A pdf of the 1st issue is available for download on the KMC web site (see link at bottom of this page). 
FlexStat Expands Flexibility 
FlexStatDon't know FlexStat?  It's our integrated controller and sensor in one.  It's a native BACnet device that's ideal for standalone or network control applications.  It's a programmable communicating thermostat.  And it has built-in applications (no programming required) for standard equipment, making it ideal for small building applications.  With flexible input and output configurations, you'll be amazed at the agility of this product.

So what's new with FlexStat?  It's had temperature and optional humidity sensing built-in from the beginning.  Now, it's offered with occupancy (motion) sensing as well.  And with our "adaptive occupancy" programming built-in, FlexStat learns the behavorial uses of the space to automatically control the activation and deactivation of heating, cooling, lighting, etc.

Learn more about FlexStat through the product brochure (pdf).
Need Your LEED® Credentials? 
Have you been considering the pursuit of your own professional accreditation for green buildings?  The LEED credentialing process can be confusing and challenging.

We've put together a new 30-minute webinar to help demystify the process.  Find it on the home page of our web site.  Mouse of the lower, right-hand block in the "in touch" image to reveal "LEED Accreditation.  Then, just press the play button when the webinar window appears.  Here's a quick link.
Roman Numeral Efficiency? 

It doesn't happen very often, but this year, it's shorter to write the year in Roman numerals versus Arabic. MMX is only 3 letters while the Arabic indication, 2010, takes 4 numerals. So, if efficiency appeals to you, go Roman! 
KMC's Featured Partner--
Encon Mechanical 

Turnkey is Key
Encon logo 
For Encon Mechanical (, the operative word is "turnkey." By that is meant a comprehensive offering of services for customers throughout the state of New Jersey.

Encon was founded in 1968 by Marty Indursky. His son, David, now serves as President. They've established a business model around the notion that owners should be able to count on them for wide-ranging facility needs.

Such services include design engineering, providing equipment and piping, performing sheet metal fabrication and installation, automating through digital controls, and, of course, service.

For Marty Indursky, providing owners with such turnkey service represents both a blessing and a curse. "It means all fingers point at us," Marty explains. "We could get all the blame or all the credit. But it's a risk we're willing to take."

In practice, of course, Encon excels in its approach to the market. In 2007, for example, Encon captured one of Contracting Business magazine's Design/Build Awards in the Retrofit/Renovation category. The referenced project was noted for a superior level of professionalism and customer satisfaction. And the KMC contribution to this project in terms of controls was a contributing factor in the award.

By the same token, the controls portion of Encon business does not have to represent a single source of income for the firm. "Our controls division," says David Indursky, "doesn't have to support the entire business. In fact, the vast majority of our controls work comes through our construction division. The controls component can save the customer money and we make sure they understand that."

Encon pic1
Intelligent design of integrated control systems has been
an Encon trademark.

Another distinguishing feature of the Encon offering is what they term, value engineering. David explains: "We are constantly looking for ways to change the design of a project in order to save energy. We do this in two venues: in the pre-design phase and in owner-direct negotiations. The idea is to give the end user more quality for less money. For example, intelligent changes in unit (mechanical equipment) distribution can achieve higher EER and lessen the need for sheet metal runs. Sheet metal reduction can save them 30% off project costs."

"We also realize some economies on the construction side," David continues. "We might, for example, run wires early to save on the controls work we have to do later on. If the job conditions change, we can respond quickly as opposed to working with a sub-contractor."

This hints at versatility among Encon team members. David and Marty look for flexible team members who can easily step in to tasks outside their daily norms. "If we need a sheet metal guy to pull cable," Marty says, "he can do that. They have to be experts in many areas."

encon pic 2
Encon technicians, John and Ray, pre-mount a KMC BACnet
controller in the sheet metal shop in preparation for a
fast track project. 

Accordingly, Encon puts a great deal of effort into training and cross-training. "For service classes," David explains, "we'll send two and they will come back and train others." In fact, Encon puts enormous time and resources into training usually involving 3-4 classes per month. Training also occurs in informal ways through lessons learned when problems arise on a project.

How do they keep up? "Oh, we're always chasing our tails to some extent," David confesses. "Technology changes so quickly that we simply try to be not too many steps behind."

That modesty really belies the intelligent planning David and Marty do for the future of Encon. "We're striving to build a business model designed for our next 40 years," David says.

One market force they recognized early on still requires careful planning and that is the current interest in energy usage in buildings. "The marketplace is full of players who want a piece of this action," David says, "and full of potential customers who want to see an attractive payback for their investment. But this is a complex field," he continues. "It's not just about HVAC or controls. A holistic approach is needed. In fact, the customer demands a systems integrator approach. That's very different than being a controls contractor."

Such responsiveness to market demands and customer needs has been a constant factor at Encon and one component of their offering that is sure to carry over to their next-generation business model.
An Economic Recovery Plan

CSC-3000 We understand that 2010 is likely going to be as financially challenging as 2009.  As part of our effort to help our customers extend the life of their pneumatic control systems and their budgets, we are now offering "quantity" pricing for several of our most popular VAV controls including:

CSC-2000 and 3000 volume reset control families
MCP-1020, 1030 pneumatic actuators
MCP-02xx, 03xx, and select models of the -04xx pneumatic actuators
MCP-3631 series rotary pneumatic actuators
MCP-8031, 8035 series VAV terminal unit actuators
RCC series diverting & switching relays
SSS: Air flow sensors
CTC-1621, 1622 "value pack" pneumatic thermostats
CEP-4005 Universal replacement electronic VAV terminal unit controller
Contact your local KMC wholesaler or Authorized Systems Distributor today!  Need to find one?  Their listed online!
Climate Change
© 2007 Ben H. Dorsey III
Climate Change cartoon

Great Moments in HVACR History

As the ice age gives way to global warming, the world's first hydronic cooling system is installed (followed immediately thereafter by the first indoor swimming pool).

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