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IEE-1000 Series Remote Accessories for CAE-1x03 Series Duct Smoke Detectors

The IEE-1000 Series Remote Accesssory Plates are designed for use with the CAE-1003/1103 Duct Smoke Detectors to provide remote status indication and control functions.

Each 24 VDC device is constructed of stainless steel with a brushed finish. The units mount on standard single-gang 2 x 4" electrical boxes (except for the IEE-1008 which mounts in a double-gang 4 x 4" box).

The IEE-1007/1008 alarm horn produces 78 dB @ 10 feet. Alarm indication is also provided by a red alarm LED, and normal indication is provided by a green pilot LED.

A momentary push-button or key switch is used for remote test and reset of the detector. Testing is performed by operating this switch, which energizes all alarm relays and outputs in the detector. Once the detector is in alarm, it is reset by operating and releasing this switch. (Reset is automatic on release of this switch.)

ProductData SheetDescription
IEE-1002 (Download) Red Alarm, green pilot LEDs REMOTE INDICTORS, ALARM
IEE-1003 (Download) Red Alarm LED, test button REMOTE INDICTORS, ALARM
IEE-1004 (Download) Red and green LEDs w / test button REMOTE INDICTORS, ALARM
IEE-1005 (Download) Red Alarm LED, key switch REMOTE INDICTORS, ALARM
IEE-1006 (Download) Red and green LEDs w / key switch REMOTE INDICTORS, ALARM
IEE-1007 (Download) Alarm horn REMOTE INDICTORS, ALARM
IEE-1008 (Download) Red and green LEDs / key / horn REMOTE INDICTORS, ALARM
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